Summer 2021 Schedule

June 7, July 4, August 1, September 5 at Jacob’s Beach in Guilford. 10:30 am

Every other week on Sunday morning at 10:15 we will be online and in SMASH groups. You can connect directly to our page using the button below. See you there!

Check our schedule above to see when and where we are meeting!

The only way we grow as a church and as a Christian is if we "get smaller."

Thank you for visiting our home page. During the Covid pandemic, we moved our services from the Guilford Community Center onto Facebook. With the nice weather and the easing of restrictions, we are starting to get together, but also do not want to lose sight of our new emphasis on “getting smaller.”

Through this summer 2021, SVC will be meeting together as a whole church on the first Sunday of the month at Jacobs Beach Pavillion in Guilford. The other Sundays we will meet in our S.M.A.S.H. (Sunday Morning At Someone’s Home) groups where each group watches the service online through Facebook Live and then has a time where the message is discussed in the group. We also have. a group at our Parish Center for those who are not comfortable going to someone’s home.