Shoreline Vineyard Church


What's A Vineyard?

What’s a Vineyard? The “elevator speech” goes like this:

“We’re one of the relatively new Christian denominations, started in California in the 1970s when young people simply didn’t fit culturally any more in their parents’ churches. So instead of robes and organs, it’s blue jeans and guitars.”

That’s a simple enough answer that can elicit more conversation about our value for a relationship over religion, being naturally supernatural, and encourage everyone to play (“ministry” is not just for clergy!).

Our national association’s website is www.vineyardusa.org. 
It has music resources, position (theological) papers, a directory of churches in the U.S., plus upcoming regional and national conferences

Our Purpose

Ultimately, we’re all just trying to learn to live and love well in the context of becoming a community – but a wide community with a mission to be a living bridge between God and people of all backgrounds. That includes those who, after some discouraging experiences, have given up on faith and/or the Church at large.”

Shoreline Vineyard's Mission, Vision, Values & Culture

Our Mission:
  • Live the Great Commandments; Join in the Great Commission
  • That’s New Testament language for…love God and love people in Jesus’ name; gather & equip others to do the same.

Our Vision:
  • To be built on the Good News, and to be good news to our community.
  • So we’ll lean into redemptive friendships, learning and applying biblical truths, praying for the sick, caring for the poor, and supporting teens,marriages and families – so people of all ages can have new life in Christ.

Our Values

Our Values
  • Biblically rooted. (We regard the whole Bible as God’s beautiful gift to us, and see it as a manual for living well.)
    2 Timothy 3:16-17
  • Culturally attuned. (We’re called to contextualize the forms and language of our communication, so listeners understand, even if they have no biblical and/or church background.)
  • Holy Spirit-directed. (Jesus is Lord, and the head of the Church. Really.)
    1 Peter 2:4-6
  • Naturally supernatural. (We embrace the supernatural gifts and ministry of the Holy Spirit, but also try to avoid styles or hype that draws attention to itself instead of God.)
    1 Corinthians 13:1-5
  • Belonging before believing. (We encourage people to get involved in the life of the church before crossing the line from skepticism to real faith.)
    Luke 5:27-31
  • Everyone gets to play. (Ministry/serving is for everyone, not just the “professionals” or veteran believers or just adults).
    Luke 10:1-2
  • Music-based worship of God. (We find that forms of prayerful singing create a uniquely rich communion with God.)
    Psalm 108:1-5
  • Servant-style leadership. (We want to model our leadership on Jesus, the “suffering servant,” so character & teachability are valued ahead of talent.)
    Luke 22:14-27
  • Beinglife-longlearners. (We recognize thatwe will always have more to learn. Our thinking and our parts of our theology will always be in-progress.)
    1 Corinthians 13:8-12
  • Intelligent faith. (Jesus said we are to love God with our whole heart, souls and minds. So we’re not afraid of doubts nor afraid that God is offended by ! hard questions.)

Real God. Real Life.

Our goal is to equip each other, so that we can grow spiritually, to be better prepared to evangelize the gospel and to represent our Real God in Real Life.