Music and Worship

Our Philosophy
From the inception of the first Vineyard church in California in 1974, music and worship has been central. And wonderfully, God has chosen to use Vineyard worship leaders and song writers to contribute to the worldwide church in a way that’s disproportionate to our numbers. Go to any contemporary church service across multiple Christian denominations around the world, and you’ll likely hear some Vineyard-produced songs.

Music and Worship Together

We don’t have a choir; the congregation is the “choir.” Our philosophy has been to promote music-based worship as a holy communion with God (it is not a performance by any means). The prophet Isaiah said that God “inhabits the praises of his people,” and Christians around the globe know this is actually true.

On any given Sunday, we mix together songs about God and his attributes with songs written to Him, and some songs about our response to Him – the latter two types being quite personal, but are examples of what could be called “prayerful singing.”

Our own congregation’s bent would be acoustic/folk rock, but each Vineyard church strives to contextualize their worship to their own culture. Thus, the Vineyards in Katmandu and Johannesburg use instruments and vocalizations that are foreign to us, but which are gorgeous sounds in the ears of our Creator.

Getting Involved

Currently, we have four worship leaders who rotate on Sundays with various configurations of other musicians and vocalists. Our home groups and outreach events are also great venues for beginners/learners to get some playing time as they work towards joining one of the teams that play at our service Sunday mornings. Our general age minimum is 12, and there’s no maximum! The only requirements are desire, teachability and a measure of God-given talent.

Buying Music

Vineyard CDs can be purchased by going to vineyardresources.com. On the web site, music produced by Vineyard churches from around the world is available (the U.K. and Canadian churches have contributed some excellent work), plus there are specialty CDs with themes and a couple just for kids.