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If someone asked you to describe church using only the Bible, what would you say? It’s a question that requires searching the Bible to find out how the church was established originally and then comparing that to what the modern-day church has become.

We have found that the answer isn’t a bigger church – it’s a smaller one. The Bible tells us that our relationship with God is not a solo venture. We were meant for community, fellowship, and relationships. It’s hard to make meaningful connections when we only see people in a large group on a Sunday.

SVC has always emphasized getting together in Life Groups, and when the pandemic of 2020 hit, we started to ask what God may want us to do during this time. Is this a time that we can try something different? Pastor Chris recorded a video that details what we came up with and why. You can see the video on our YouTube channel here.

Below you can find a Life Group to join. You can find a group where the emphasis is on a particular study topic or common interest, and now you can also find a SMASH group (Sunday Morning at Someone’s Home) where you can watch and discuss the online service together.

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