Comeback King – But it’s not my fault! (Paul)
September 1, 2019

Comeback King – But it’s not my fault! (Paul)

Passage: Acts 27

Bible Text: Acts 27 | Speaker: Chris Syvertsen | Series: Comeback King | For many, it’s easier to deal with a setback when you know that you’re the one who caused it. “I did it to myself, I deserve it.” But what about setbacks that are caused by others in our lives; Ones that we didn’t have a hand in bringing about?

In this message, we look at what it is like to go through storms, setbacks, or suffering that’s been caused by the mistakes of other people – and you’re the one left to feel the brunt of the consequences. The apostle Paul experienced a setback like this, and we explore what brought about that setback as well as three anchoring principles to get us through those storms.

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