Faith Formula
July 1, 2018

Faith Formula

Passage: James 1:1-12

Bible Text: James 1:1-12 | Speaker: Chris Syvertsen | Series: The Walk

Walking “The Walk” in the New Testament meant you were putting it all on the line, being pushed to the ropes, for the sake of Christ. James doesn’t pull any punches in the first part of his mini instruction book on Christian living. He guarantees that we will have trials in the Christian life; but we have a powerful ally in the person of Christ, who is supernaturally working in our lives to make each trial and test count for His glory and toward our spiritual maturity. Learn the faith formula for Maturity in James 1:1-12, as we examine God’s interaction with our lives through this multi-part series, “The Walk”.

NOTE: The first 19 minutes of the recording have echo due to the primary recorder not functioning right away. Also, there was roof work being done at the time that adds additional hammering and background noise occasionally.

VIDEO LINK:  The music video for the reference that Ginger makes at the end of the message can be found HERE. It is the song, Joy, by King and Country.

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