The Gift of Righteousness

December 8, 2019
One of the traditions of Christmas is to exchange, give and receive gifts. But don't forget to look at and receive the greatest gift of all, the gift of God's…

Our True Identity in Christ

August 11, 2019
It's so important that we truly understand who we are in God's eyes. We are not who the world or our enemy says we are. We are who GOD says…

Comfort Zone Followup

January 13, 2019
A follow-up to last week's message on getting out of our comfort zone and sharing our faith. Chris Syvertsen recaps the previous week and Marc Potacksy gets into the roots…

The Church

October 7, 2018
Who is the church?  What is the church?  Where is the church?  In this message, Marc Potocsky teaches about the importance of fellowship, community, "one anothering", and the community of saints.