Thrive Youth Group

Thrive is our commitment to fulfill our desire to reach out to all the younger people of our area.

You can't just apply one program and style and engage young people from Middle School through College and Career ages. Each group is in a different place in their lives and has different interests and life challenges. Shoreline Youth is broken down into multiple groups, each focused on meeting the needs of kids and young adults where they are.

JJ Secki, Thrive Leader

JJ Secki, a veteran of our youth programs heads up and leads our Thrive youth group program.

We strive to keep parents in the loop with open communication and frequent informative e-mails. Our goal is to come alongside families and be a support and helping hand in guiding these teens through the sometimes tumultuous adolescent years. Please come check us out at least once!

Contact Us

Email: jj@svclegacy.syvee.com

Phone: JJ-203.645.4054